TunePad Privacy Policy

Updated: July 6, 2018

TunePad collects some information from our users to provide you a platform for creation, collaboration, and learning. We value your privacy and want to be as transparent as possible about the information we collect and how we use it. We also want you to know how we keep your information safe.

Information that we collect

Content: We collect all user-generated content including your songs and code.

Usage: We collect technical usage information such as your IP address and browser type.

Cookies: We ask to put a cookie on your computer so that the website knows that your account is still logged in when you visit other web pages.

Account information: When you create your account, we collect your username and password. You can also optionally provide us with your email address, age, gender, and country of origin. We do not share any of this information with other users.

Log Data: As part of on-going research and development, we collect log data about how people use our site. Log data includes when you log in, what pages you access, programs you create, and other information about how you use TunePad. We do not share your individual information with anyone outside of the TunePad team.

How we use your information

We use your username and password to log you into your account. We use your email address to provide you a link to reset your password in the event that you forget your password. If users exhibit abusive behavior then we may provide your account information, technical information (such as your IP address), the content of such behavior, and the time/date of the occurrence of such behavior to appropriate parties (such as schools or Internet service providers). We provide you access to your own user-generated content. User-generated content is not provided to other users by default. Google Analytics: TunePad uses Google Analytics in order to track usage of this software, to understand how people use TunePad, to improve the site, and to understand how TunePad engages users of different demographic backgrounds. Google Analytics will not allow TunePad to access your IP address, email address, billing information, name, or other personal information.

Legal and Safety

Other than these uses, TunePad does not share your personal information with others except in cases where we need to comply with legal obligations, to work with the authorities to protect the safety and security of our users or others, or for legitimate technical reasons necessary to the operation of the website.

Protection of your information

At TunePad we do our best to protect your information. To that end, we have implemented both technical and administrative safeguards in order to protect this information. We limit access to your data and the systems upon which this data resides to only those with a legitimate operational need for such access. However, no system is completely secure, so, therefore, we cannot completely guarantee the security of your information that is stored by or transmitted to and from us.

Privacy Policy changes

We review and modify our Privacy Policy on a periodic basis in order to keep it up-to-date and address any new services, features, or concerns. We will post any additions or modifications to the policy to this site. We recommend that you review the policy regularly for changes.