Pick up code. Drop the beat.

TunePad is a free online platform for creating music with the Python programming language. Our step-by-step tutorials are perfect for beginners, and our advanced production tools power music making for experienced users.

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Music production with the power of code



Lay down tracks with programmable musical instruments. Get started with our library of customizable samples, and you'll be making music in no time.

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  • Team up with collaborative, real-time editing.
  • Remix music and code shared by the community.
  • Sample or record custom sounds.




  • Take advantage of mixing and effects.
  • Live code music without stopping the beat.
Designed for learners



TunePad was designed with learners in mind. Our step-by-step tutorials are perfect for beginners new to coding or music or both! TunePad has been used by hundreds of students in schools, camps, and clubs from middle school to college. If you're an educator, get in touch for curriculum and pointers. tunepad@northwestern.edu

Think like a programmer

Learn powerful concepts like loops, variables, and conditionals

Reuse and re-purpose your creations

Remix any project to explore and modify its inner workings

Drop the beat

Code your own music or choose from our library of pre-coded samples

Mix loops using dynamic effects to create reusable song elements